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A Full Service Commercial & Residential Real Estate Solutions Company for Residential & Relocation Appraisals for Commercial Valuation



Pettifer & Associates, Inc. is a commercial and residential real estate firm founded in 1986.  Scott Pettifer, MAI, SRA, a Southern California fee appraiser and real estate broker created the firm and continues today as President / Managing Chief Appraiser.  The company employed over ten appraisers and office personal and the firm size has paralleled that of business cycles and demand for appraisals over the last 20 years.  Over the last decade, appraisals needed for collateral financing have steadily declined due to changes in banking regulations, relaxed credit policies and the availability of alternative valuation products.  The decline in lender appraisal volume, licensing and the failure of a state appraiser boards to enforce appraisal standards has made the established appraisal fee shop model of large regional and national appraisal firms impractical without a parallel client base.  The majority of big banks, lenders and title companies have subsidiaries and/or financial interests with affiliated national valuation firms. 


Pettifer & Associates, Inc. anticipating declining lender business and difficult regulatory climate began to shift our focus from collateral lending clients to a more diverse and broader range of appraisal users.  Our committed focus to non-lending client sources such as private property owners, corporations, public agencies and the accounting and legal communities has resulted in more consistent volume of appraisal assignments that is less affected by interest rate volatility and new loan originations.    


Pettifer & Associates, Inc.’s long-term stability and exceptional reputation in Orange County and greater Southern California is partly from our core business practices of a diverse client base and commitment to producing quality appraisal reports that contain the most current local market data that provide cost effective solutions to our client’s real estate problems.


We have contracted our coverage service area and the number of employees is more than half the size of our workforce in the late 1980’s.  A small but experienced core of appraisers and office support team remain with the company today. 


Aside from our excellent work product, our distinctive company structure sets us apart from many if not most of the large regional and national valuation management firms.  Many of the large firms essentially have a small number if any staff appraisers and subcontract out appraisal orders to local fee appraisers.  As would be expected, this adds an additional layer of management costs.  This effectively increases the appraisal cost incurred by the client.  Common with this business model, the field appraiser commonly receives a lower fee.  The appraisal management company often increases their profits by by contracting with inexperienced and often unqualified appraisers that will accept steeply discounted fees and service demands that have no relationship to market fees or costs.  This can be a two edged sword for the client because they are obligated to pay more for the appraisal, in many cases the appraisal is completed by less experienced and sometimes unqualified appraisers, resulting in inaccurate value conclusion and unreliable report. 


Clients that order appraisals directly with do not incur any added layers of management expense or a dollar premium greater than competitive appraisal fees charged by local appraisers completing MAI quality valuation work.  The appraisal report will contain the best and most current local market data and analysis with overall report quality exceeding the work product of national subcontractor appraisal firms.   


All our appraisers are employees of the company and earn a competitive income Workman’s Comp coverage, vacation and sick time, access to the company’s extensive data sources and more importantly office support and training.  We do not hire subcontractor appraisers at the lowest wholesale price.  The subcontractor / appraisal management business model usually results in higher appraisal costs, lower appraisal quality and with the exception of some large users of appraisal services, offer few advantages for the client.


We believe our comparable and informational database is as extensive as any appraisal firm in Orange County.  We have computer access to nearly every MLS Board in Southern California as both a real estate broker and appraiser.  We access all our physical property data, plat maps and all MLS listing information via 24 / 7 on-line internet access.  Along with complete MLS sales data, we also have access to California Market Data Cooperative sales back to 1985 as well as our extensive in-house comparable sales database. 

Pettifer & Associates, Inc. as a means to reduce costs and provide greater service for our clients, the firm has been divided into two business groups. 


  •  -  Residential &  Corporate Relocation Appraisals
  •   -  Commercial Realty Valuation 

Although frequently completes appraisal assignments for several of the largest banks and lenders in the country,   we have deliberately focused our firm’s client base from lending clients to users of appraisal services that have a broad range of real estate valuation needs:


  • Private Property Owners and Investors 
  • CPA’s, Financial Planners and the Accounting Industry
  • Attorneys, Court of Law, Bankruptcy, Divorce and other Legal Disputes 
  • Corporate Clients - Relocation Appraisals


Displayed in the Table below is the approximate proportion of our client base for the last several years. 







  • BANKS, LENDERS, & RELOCATION - National Banks  &  smaller  community &  regional banks,  S & L’s,  &  mortgage brokers -  Loan Financing, Appraisal Review &  REO /  Pre-Foreclosure Appraisals for - as is  - as repaired - Quick Value  -  Bulk Sale Value,  new construction with as is  -  as proposed  &  as completed values.  Relocation.
  • 47%
  • PROPERTY OWNERS  & INVESTORS -  IRS Tax Reporting,   Tax Appeal, Buy-Sell  Decisions,   Investment Value,  Owner-User  /  Investment Comparisons , Market Rent Studies, Highest  &  Best  Use Studies., Developers &  Subdivisions 
  • 18%
  • ATTORNEY LEGAL SERVICES - Divorce, property & lease disputes, bankruptcy, partnership asset allocation or buy-out, date of death / DOD, Estate Planning & Bail Bonds.
  • 15%
  • CPA & ACCOUNTANTS  -  IRS Filings,  Estate & Trusts,  Gift Tax  & Charitable  Donation Declaration,  Family Limited Partnerships, Undivided Partial Interests,  Minority Discounts &  Retrospective Appraisals for  DOD  and  martial dissolution. 
  • 15%
  • CORPORATE, NON-PROFIT & GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES  -   Director /  Shareholder Buy-out, Reappraisal  of  corporate owned real estate,  City & County redevelopment agencies
  • 5%


100% has remained faithful to our business model  “Local Experts. Regional Coverage.”     The model was implemented in the early 1990’s after it become obvious that mandatory licensing and structural changes in the economic and regulatory structure of the appraisal / lending industries would make it difficult to assemble large or even moderate size appraisal staffs. 


The decision to narrow our geographic service area to local housing markets,  has required our small appraisal staff to cover and stay abreast of local real estate trends in  communities spread across the greater Southern California region.  Our normal service coverage areas are summarized below.  The coverage service area can be expanded for larger scope and multiple property assignments.  Our reach and capability to appraise commercial real estate in more distant locations is dependent on the scope of the assignment and we can accommodate clients with multiple residential properties or a mix of residential and commercial Estate or Trust portfolios. 


In the past, when our office has been engaged to value a multiple commercial property portfolio, as a free service to our client we contacted and ordered appraisals on properties that were outside our service area.  This has worked out well in the past for the client,  because only one appraisal firm is directly engaged and the appraisal costs are typically well below quoted fees from appraisal management companies and national firms. 

Southern California Service Area





Orange County - Office Location


All Orange County Cities




Los Angeles County


Southern & Central LA Markets to the East County Line

Riverside County


Western & North Riverside & South along the I-15 FWY

San Bernardino County


West San Bern. to Big Bear & Mountain Resorts East

San Diego County


Central to North San Diego County Line



*Service areas can be expanded or reduced depending on the property type and scope of assignment.


Our office is located in Orange County but there are few housing markets in Southern California that staff have not completed appraisals.  Please contact our office if there is a question whether a specific property’s is within our service area. regularly accepts appraisal assignments on a broad and eclectic array of real estate.  Recent assignments noted below illustrate the diversity of our practice and capabilities. 

Report Type


Property Type

Client Use

Summary Appraisal

FNMA 2055 Exterior Drive-By

2,500 square foot tract Home Chino Hills, San Bernardino

Refinance Loan / Local Mortgage Banker

Summary Appraisal

FNMA 1004  URAR Residential Appraisal Report

Luxury 7,000 square foot Custom Home in Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach,  Orange County

Refinance Loan / Large National Bank

Self-Contained Appraisal

FNMA 1004 URAR Residential Appraisal Report with Extensive Addendum, As Is Land Value &  Proposed

Proposed 9,000 square foot Luxury Estate in Bel Air, Los Angeles County

Construction Loan / Regional Bank

Complete, Summary Appraisal

ERC – Employee Relocation Appraisal Form

3,800 square foot good quality tract home, Chino Hills, San Bernardino County

Assist the Client in the Relocation of an Employee

Field Review

FNMA 2000 Field Review Form

3,500 square foot  Semi-Custom Home, Lemon Heights,  Orange County

Field Review / Wholesale Mortgage Lender

Summary Appraisal

FNMA 1025 2-4 Unit Small Residential Income Property

Oceanfront Duplex, Newport Beach, Orange County

Martial Dissolution / Divorce

Summary Appraisal

FNMA 1004  URAR Residential Appraisal Report

4,200 square foot Home in South Pasadena, Los Angeles.  Fair Market Value  “Retrospective”  Effective Date of Value

Date of Death Appraisal (DOD) for  IRS Estate Tax Reporting has the experience, ability and local data sources to develop concise and market supported analysis and value opinions on a wide range of property types and intended uses.  Our office regularly accepts assignments rejected by other appraisal firms due to complexity or lack of local market data access available to non-local firms.  Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients by providing more than “just a market value opinion.”   After we have a clear understanding of the valuation problem, our office will recommend the most cost effective valuation solution or perhaps an alternative proposal that satisfies client and end user requirements. 


Our firm’s desire from the client’s initial contact with our office from the delivery and conclusion of the engagement,  that the process be as professional and worry free for the client, and that the final appraisal products solves the clients valuation problems.