Attorney Appraisal Services


When you need a real estate appraiser for a legal action, demand an MAI designated appraiser.  Quality education, well-established methodology, proven experience and commitment to a strict ethics and standards describe the MAI and SRA designated appraiser.  Using an MAI designated appraiser gives your client the upper hand in disposition, courtroom and settlement discussions.  The use of an MAI appraiser is essential in legal proceedings in which accurate and market proven valuation of real estate is required. is capable of the following valuation services commonly used by lawyers and the courts.   


·         Divorce

·         Probate

·         Corporate real estate valuations

·         Property tax appeal

·         Bankruptcy

·         Property Disputes


Divorce - Property Settlement 


The most common appraisal requests from the legal community are appraisals for divorce property settlement.  Our firm completes a steady volume of appraisals for Divorce proceedings and settlement for several reasons. 


The client can request the real estate be inspected and appraised by an MAI appraiser.  The client can request a detailed review of our staff appraisers field work with a reduced appraisal fee.  This gives your client cost flexibility depending on the complexity of the assignment and real estate appraised.  will not propose an expensive report format if its not necessary for the particular assignment.  For instance, the courts do not require an expensive narrative appraisal for a simple single-family dwelling or common residential apartment building.  Both these residential properties can be completed on standard industry appraisal forms and addenda.  Some firms will push the client into believing only a thick narrative appraisal can be used for legal or court of law. recommends narrative reports only when the assignment suggests that type of report is needed or its requested by the client.  In our opinion, narrative appraisals for simple residential dwellings are usually overkill and much costlier for the client.   


Partnership Dissolutions


Appraisals for partnership dissolutions are similar to assignments for martial and asset distribution or property buy-out.  Partnership dissolutions usually include commercial property assets or a mix of residential and commercial real estate.  These assignments can involve anywhere from one real estate property to a large portfolio.  



Litigation Support is owned and managed by an MAI designated appraiser.  Scott Pettifer, MAI, SRA  has the experience, skills and credentials and has provided appraisal valuations and reviews for many attorney clients, courts and  other legal users.  Mr. Pettifer has provided appraisals and assisted attorneys in Orange County and Los Angles County Superior Court and Bankruptcy Court.  Review services are available for USPAP compliance and can be invaluable to determine the probability of success of future legal action that is dependent on the value of real estate.  This can relate to real estate being overvalued or undervalued.  Appraisals that are not competently developed or involve fraud can usually be discredited with a simple review or limited scope appraisal.  After the report is completed, a determination can be made on the next phase of analysis based on the results and desired by the client. 


Expert Witness


Scott Pettifer, MAI, SRA has testified in court as an expert witness in Orange and Los Angles County District and Superior Court for numerous martial dissolutions and other real estate matters.  Mr. Pettifer holds both the MAI and SRA designations with the Appraisal Institute.  The MAI is the most recognized and accepted designation by the Courts and the legal community.  The MAI designation establishes appraiser’s credentials to perform appraisals on a broad range of residential and commercial property as well as provide expert witness disposition and testimony relating to those appraisals.  Mr. Pettifer also holds the SRA Designation with the Appraisal Institute.  The SRA is the most prominent and accepted designation in residential appraising.  The designations are the two most difficult appraiser credentials to achieve in commercial and residential appraising.  Additional real estate valuation experience and expertise is contained in Mr. Pettifer’s  Curriculum Vitae.    


Bail Bonds often accommodates super rush appraisal requests from private property owners or attorneys that have a relative or client in jail and are set bail.  These assignments as would be expected usually  need to be turned around relatively fast.  We always try to accommodate requests  if at all possible or refer the client to an associate appraiser that can provide the fast turnaround needed.